Irish Water lifts the ‘hosepipe ban’ today

Following recent heavy rainfall and improving river and ground water conditions Irish Water has lifted the Water Conservation Order, more commonly known as ‘the hosepipe ban’ that was put in place with effect from June 9th.

The Order was issued in a bid to safeguard water supplies for essential purposes, and in particular water needed for sanitation purposes during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thankfully from a water supply perspective over the past couple of weeks there has been above average rainfall in many areas of the country. This has resulted in the recovery of some of the water supplies that were in drought or at risk of drought. Currently only 17 schemes remain in drought and a further 61 are at risk. While the overall numbers are trending downwards, the situation is not uniform across the country and the recovery of some sources is very fragile.


Commenting on the lifting of the Water Conservation Order, the Managing Director of Irish Water Niall Gleeson said; “Should we enter a spell of prolonged warm and dry weather, and if the sources go into drought again, we may need to reconsider and re-impose a Water Conservation Order.”

Safeguarding the water supply for homes and communities across the country is a critical priority for Irish Water and Mr Gleeson added; “It is really important that members of the public develop good household habits at this time and conserve water, regardless of rainfall. Any non-essential use of water should be discouraged, whether we are in a drought or not.”

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