‘We Are Wexford’…a new film version

By Dan Walsh

Creativity is the spice of life. The ability to lead and inspire original concepts and not only propel the community into new thinking and public expression but to bring them along as part of a package that makes the whole county proud of its existence while its character and goodness is stifled by the visiting Covid-19 pandemic.

ENNISCORTHY on a July evening

Earlier this year renowned Wexford folklorist Michael Fortune penned a lovely original poem entitled We Are Wexford, which is brightening up our lives and cheering on our spirits, in the splendour of a published three-minute film that is destined to achieve a new Wexford anthem status. “Finally, my poem has been brought to life by 60 people from throughout County Wexford,” a relieved but delighted Michael Fortune told WexfordLocal.com.

Filmed on people’s mobile phones between May and July, this film was commissioned by the Arts Council in May as part of their ‘COVID-19 Crisis Response Award’. Due to the lockdown, people worked remotely and picked a line of the poem and recorded it on their phones and sent it to Michael, who was overwhelmed by the amazing public response.

Of the 400 videos received, these were the videos chosen. So, if you have three minutes to spare, please sit down and watch this film…and as always, tag your friends and share far and wide. Up Wexford.

We Are Wexford, an original poem by Michael Fortune, film version with roles from many people across County Wexford

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