Grandpad Tablets to support older citizens

What is that headline all about? One could be immediately confused that it refers to public health, and it does in some regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, but in the modern language it is all about technology and its place in the world of our older citizens.

The way we used to be! Nowdays our lives are made easier by the use of technology for all our citizens.

Wexford County Council has partnered with Wexford Home Instead Senior Care and a generous local benefactor who has sponsored 50 GrandPad Tablets for cocooning older people in the county. Technology can play an important role in reducing loneliness and isolation, enabling older adults to stay connected with loved ones and their caregivers, allowing them to live independently at home while following guidelines for avoiding exposure to the virus.

With built-in 4G connectivity, the Grandpad tablet comes complete with apps designed for older adults. The large, clearly labelled icons mean that video and voice calls, photos, email, music, games, news, weather and search functionality are easily accessed from the screen. The system also has an “auto answer” feature that can be enabled to allow calls from approved family members to automatically ring through, making the system more user friendly to answer calls, texts or emails.

The two-way video functionality has proven invaluable for users during Covid 19. They just love their Grandpads and many regards them as life-changing devices.

The Wexford Community Call helpline has been a successful initiative during the public health emergency. The service is available seven days per week between the hours of 9am and 5pm, with County Council volunteers working alongside local voluntary groups to provide a vital link between older citizens and the services they need including deliveries of grocery shopping and pharmacy items, or maybe just a friendly ear for the person living in isolation.

The Community Resilience Forum group meets regularly to ensure no-one is left out of the current strategies to help Wexford and its’ citizens recover from the impact of COVID 19.

Wexford County Council supports our older citizens during these difficult times, on the phone, online and out in the community. The Community Call phone number and our Customer Service Desk can be reached by dialling is 053 9196000.

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