Writers working together in Wexford

A new publishing house has launched in Wexford promising to promote the production of literature in the county, discover new authors and publish close to twenty Wexford titles by the end of 2021.  Red Books Press will be a co-operative of writers according to co-ordinator and owner of Red Books bookshop Wally O Neill.

The first four authors in Red Books Press; (left to right) TOM LOGAN, DAN FINN, DAITHI KAVANAGH and EAMONN COLFER

“Essentially we’re creating a co-operative of authors and poets and providing the resources for them to publish their works professionally inside Wexford,” Mr O Neill said.  “County Wexford is going through a great literary renaissance at the moment and now occupies a cultural position similar to Dublin in the 1950s or Galway in the late 80s.  We believe it’s vital to harness and develop this creative energy.”

Mr O’Neill continued; “This is going to be a publishing label for exceptional works.  We are in the business of producing future classics. We are delighted to have four established local authors on board for the first four publications from Red Books Press.  They are Daithi Kavanagh, Eamonn Colfer, Tom Logan and Dan Finn.  We already have more young writers and poets lined up to join.”

“It’s our intention to publish at least four books this year under the co-operative label, with at least twelve more following next year.  We are open to submissions from up-and-coming and first-time authors and poets, from every discipline and genre.  The books will be printed, published and distributed from Wexford.  The focus here is to maximise County Wexford’s literary potential.”

The first Red Books Press edition will be released in September with the publication of Daithi Kavanaghs The Green Wave.  In the meantime, a new literary journal called the Wexford Bohemian will launch at Red Books on August 14th containing works by over thirty Wexford authors and poets, as well as local art and photography.

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