Gorey fans cheering at home for finalists

By Dan Walsh in Gorey

People of a certain vintage will recall the ‘good old days’ when they would sit on the doorstep and listen to the match on the wireless and afterwards, in the pubs, at the forge, dropping off the milk churns at the creamery or taking a break in large workforce places, such as Gorey’s beloved Leather Factory, would know more about the game than those privileged to experience every puck of the ball from the crowded sidelines.

CLLR JOE SULLIVAN is cheering for Naomh Eanna in Gorey

County hurling final 2020 takes place next Sunday in Chadwick’s Wexford Park, and while Gorey’s Naomh Éanna, first time champions two years ago, are in the spotlight (with Shelmaliers), the Covid-19 restrictions means that the devoted fans will have to stay at home on this occasion and rely upon the radio and television coverage.

It will be a strange final in Gorey, but for many it will be nostalgic and for others a new experience, however, one thing is certain, Gorey will be cheering on their heroes. And each will recall their own highlights from what promises to be a memorable sporting occasion.

Ever since the semi-final victory the green and white flags have sprung up like mushrooms on the town’s Main Street, a few colourful window displays may have popped up too, and the sight of people climbing ladders has been phenomenal!

Speaking to WexfordLocal.com today, Cathaoirleach of Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Council, Cllr Joe Sullivan, said that there is disappointment that people cannot attend the match, but they understand the circumstances why, and it in no way diminishes their support for the team and they will be cheering them all the way through TG4 and South East Radio.

AUDIO ADDITION ; CLLR JOE SULLIVAN, Cathaoirleach of Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Council tells DAN WALSH about the importance of Naomh Éanna’s appearance in next Sunday’s county hurling final and how the fans will cope when unable to attend the game due to Covid-19.

The Pettitt’s Senior Hurling Championship Final featuring Shelmaliers and Naomh Éanna, Gorey, takes place in Chadwick’s Wexford Park next Sunday at 2 pm and will be televised live by TG4 and broadcast live on South East Radio.

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