€460,000 for Wexford ‘shovel ready’ projects

By Dan Walsh

Wexford County Council has been allocated funding of €460,000 under the Climate Change Adaption Allocations 2020 by the Department of Transport, Tourism, and Sport, which will assist in repairs and safety measures carried out in sixteen projects damaged by severe weather events.

Cliffs are being eroded on the cul-de-sac leading to Hook Lighthouse, but some funding has been allocated for repairs.

Minister of State, Hildegarde Naughton TD, said: “The recent severe weather has again highlighted the challenges presented by climate change on our road infrastructure. The Climate Change Adaptation grants now being provided will help local authorities to deal with the essential repairs needed in the aftermath of the severe weather. Families and businesses in our villages, towns and cities right across the country will benefit from these important ‘shovel ready’ projects as soon as November this year.

One of Wexford’s major tourist attractions at Hook Head is reached by a cul-de-sac which travels above the cliffs and terminates at the landmark lighthouse. “The cliffs are being eroded during severe weather events and are reducing the structural integrity of the road,” says the report, which adds; “Safety rocks are placed in numerous locations along the road to prevent vehicles from accessing these areas. These rocks have subsided so that they are now barely visible.

Funding is also available for Grange Beach where the cliffs have experienced landslides that has undermined the road and caused safety barriers to collapse.

€100,000 has been allocated to Ferrycarrig for phase one consisting of 350 metres where it is planned to raise the road level by 180mm to mitigate flooding and reduce road closure frequency close to the Irish National Heritage Park.

Works are due to take place at Goff’s Bridge, near Taghmon, to take account of increased hydraulic loads causing scour damage and undermining the bridge structure and further works are required to clean out the river bed and increase the opening of the bridge to prevent the road flooding.

€10,000 has been allocated to remove an existing defective culvert under the road and replace it with one metre diameter pipeline to alleviate flooding. This appears to be the road leading from the N11 towards Bree at Edermine, which is regularly flooded, sometimes due to high tide!

Works are also to receive funding at Lacken Hill, Gap Cross, Monart EastKellistown Cross, Moddybeg and Coolraheen, near Taghmon, Aidan’s Cross, Ballyroebuck and in the villages of Ballygarrett, Ballyedmond, and Ballybro, Rosslare.

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