Board responds to Ros Tapestry exhibition

By Dan Walsh

Following today’s breaking news that the Ros Tapestry is on ‘temporary move’ to Kilkenny Castle, published exclusively in, an official statement was released by New Ross Needlecraft Ltd tonight. It reads as follows;

“The Board of the Ros Tapestry wish to acknowledge the concern expressed in the campaign about the tapestry exhibition being moved to Kilkenny Castle. We wish to clarify that this is a temporary visit to the castle venue until our permanent home is ready in the new museum planned for the Murphy building on the Quay. Both Wexford County Council and Failte Ireland have been very clear that the tapestries will be an important part of that exhibition and are very supportive of us.

“The closure of the exhibition due to COVID made it virtually impossible for us to provide a safe environment for the panels and we are relieved to see them moving to a museum standard location where they will be safe and enjoyed by more visitors than we could accommodate. The only alternative was to put them into storage, an expensive option if we used the recommended museum standard storage, and which would have put them out sight completely.

Guide MARION COADY with some panels from the Ros Tapestry Exhibition in New Ross (File Picture).

“We believe the move will increase the profile of the tapestry. We will be promoting the Norman sites in New Ross and its environs in the exhibition and will encourage more people to visit the Norman sites displayed in the tapestry.

“We are all saddened to see the tapestries move from New Ross, albeit temporarily, but they will be back to their amazing new venue in the Murphy building, as soon as it is ready. We are thankful to all who have supported the tapestry, our patrons, friends, members, the people of New Ross, Wexford County Council, our local councillors, Failte Ireland, our staff, and most of all our stitchers. We hope you will visit the exhibition which we hope will be open by the end of October in Kilkenny Castle.” 

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