Medals for two Courtown stalwarts

By Dan Walsh

Two dedicated volunteers with Courtown RNLI who each gave 30 years’ service have received official recognition and honoured with long service medals by the RNLI.

Sam Kennedy and Rose Murphy were surprised when the postman delivered the medals, but both were delighted, and when the Covid-19 restrictions allow, an official presentation ceremony is planned.

ROSE MURPHY and SAM KENNEDY are honoured with long service medals for their dedication to Courtown RNLI branch.

Both Sam and Rose were with the Courtown Inshore originally as committee members and crew. When Courtown Inshore was re-established as Courtown RNLI, they readily continued to give their time and service.

Rose Murphy who has always been a stalwart and friendly face behind the counter of Courtown RNLI charity shop, has also held roles such as PRO and Secretary. She recalls the pride and joy when the new lifeboat house was opened in 1992. “Ireland’s Olympic gold champion Ronnie Delaney was one of the people who helped with the official launch, and it was a super day for Courtown RNLI”

Sam Kennedy has been Lifeboat Operations Manager, since 1997, having been a senior Helm on crew prior to this. He remembers a notable rescue in the late 1990s. “I will never forget the rescue of a small boy who had drifted offshore on an inflatable, by the time we got to him he was barely hanging on and was beginning to lose grip due to the cold, the sheer joy and relief on his mother’s face will stay with me forever.”

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