In Gorey…the bus stops here!

By Dan Walsh

On a previous occasion when it was suggested that the bus stop on the Main Street be moved to the Gorey railway station car park the town’s business community were having none of it…but could it become a reality this time around?

Concerns were raised on the matter at today’s monthly meeting of the Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Council held under Covid-19 government guidelines in Gorey Courthouse. Cathaoirleach Cllr Joe Sullivan was in the chair.

No great traffic issues at Gorey bus stop (south) this evening at 6.30pm .

Cllr Diarmuid Devereux recalled a situation recently where ‘three sets of blue lights’ – a reference to the emergency services – attended an ugly scene at the Main Street bus stop where an obstreperous passenger alighted from a bus and created a major public social disturbance.

Cllr Devereux floated the concept of moving the bus stop (which is on either side of the Main Street – north and south bound) to stem this kind of behaviour and he also referred to traffic congestion when buses were in picking up and setting down passengers. “A million-euro car park at the railway station is never used,” he concluded.

Cllr Anthony Donohoe suggested that the bus stop be removed to the railway station car park and all the transport needs could operate from there.

Cllr Andrew Bolger echoed the sentiments of local newsagents and coffee shops who were opposed to the bus stop being moved.

Cllr Donal Kenny was opposed to such a move. “Maybe the bus stops could be staggered to improve the flow of traffic on the Main Street, but I wouldn’t be in favour of moving the buses.” he added.

Cllr Fionntán Ó Suilleabháin strongly emphasised the need for proper policing of anti-social behaviour at the bus stop rather than merely moving the buses.

Cllr Mary Farrell also opposed the move and asked that consideration be given to the elderly and wheelchair users who need easy access to the Main Street.

Cllr Pip Breen said he would be ‘very slow’ to support an attempt to move the buses because of anti-social behaviour. “The elderly needs our support and the anti-social elements should be dealt with,” he concluded.

Director of Services Amanda Byrne said the notion of moving the bus stop was tried before and the businesses on the Main Street were not in favour. She wondered if such a move was necessary due to anti-social behaviour and “people falling off the bus” at the existing stop?

District Manager Michael Drea said that due to Covid-19 bus stops should be conducive to social distancing and he also noted pedestrians were passing up and down and he suggested that maybe a case study might yield some answers.

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