Garranstackle restored to natural beauty

By Dan Walsh

A conveyance of items destined for disposal that ended up illegally dumped on the side of the road from Clonmore Bridge to Ballymorris Cross (on the R730 between Ballymackessy and Killurin) in the townland of Garranstackle, overnight, has been removed.

This matter was first noticed by a passer-by around 7.30pm on Friday evening and checking again this morning the material has been completely removed and the ditch has been restored to its natural appearance. It was exclusively reported on

BEFORE; Rubbish dumped at Garranstackle, near Bree. Friday 7.30 pm
AFTER; Rubbish removed at Garrenstackle, Saturday 12.30pm

Coincidentally, this Monday would have witnessed the announcement of the National Tidy Towns’ results, however, in April, the Minister for Rural and Community Development announced that this year’s Tidy Towns competition is cancelled in the interests of public health and safety, due to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency.

However, Tidy Towns’ groups and volunteers around the county have continued their dedication to keeping their communities clean and tidy and it is respectful to heed the warnings and the advice and keep the countryside environmentally clean.

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