€12.8m for Arthurstown, Ballyhack and Duncannon

By Dan Walsh

Irish Water, working in partnership with Wexford County Council has confirmed to WexfordLocal.com that the works to eliminate the discharge of raw sewage into the Barrow, Nore, Suir estuary will commence in 2021. The utility had previously acquired the land and has subsequently been granted planning permission for the new facility, which will be located at Arthurstown.

The treatment plant will also serve the areas of Ballyhack and Duncannon providing wastewater treatment for the equivalent of almost 4,000 people. The project is due to be completed in 2023 and will support social and economic development in these areas of county Wexford.

Speaking about the works, Wastewater Regional delivery Lead for Irish Water, Séamus Glynn said; “These works are hugely significant for the Barrow, Nore, Suir Estuary and for the areas of Arthurstown, Ballyhack and Duncannon. This €12.8 million project is needed to eliminate untreated wastewater that is being discharged directly into the receiving waters. The proposed new wastewater treatment plant will bring many benefits to the localities in terms of health, integrity of the environment and improved water quality for all.


“The works, once complete, will eliminate the equivalent of 1,500 wheelie bins of raw sewage being discharged into the estuary per day. Additionally, we have also secured land and planning permission for works to begin in Kilmore Quay which will see the elimination of the discharge of raw sewage there by 2023. These works are proposed to begin by the end of 2021. We thank the communities for their co-operation as we look ahead to the works commencing.”

Wexford County Council’s Director of Services, Eamonn Hore was equally positive about the announcement; “The announcement today that the much-anticipated wastewater treatment projects for Duncannon, Arthurstown and Ballyhack will commence in 2021 is most welcome. A huge amount of work has gone on to date involving Irish Water, Wexford County Council, and the local people to bring this project to this stage. We all look forward to the major benefits to the environment, economy and tourism which these developments will bring.”

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