Minister Browne backs medical card for over 70s

By Dan Walsh

Wexford TD and Minister of State for Law Reform James Browne has backed the move to extend medical cards for over 56,000 people over the age of 70.  He welcomes Cabinet’s approval for the reduction in prescription charges and the Drugs Payment Scheme. 

Under the new measures the gross income limit for medical card eligibility for those aged 70 or over will be increased to €550 per week for a single person or €1,050 per week for a couple. This represents an increase of €50 and €150 respectively and will mean an extra 56,000 people over the age of 70 will be eligible for a medical card.  

Prescription charges will be reduced by 50c and the Drugs Payment Scheme threshold will be reduced from €124 per month to €114 per month.  


Commenting Minister Browne said; “Cabinet approved these measures which will take effect on November 1st. This will undoubtedly help people across Wexford and is a demonstration of the Government’s commitment to fulfilling the obligations in the Programme for Government.  

“Looking after those who are older and more vulnerable among us is a key priority and this measure will not only ease the financial burden on people aged over 70 but also encourage them to seek medical attention sooner rather than later. My office can help in completing medical card application forms,” Minister Browne told

“Those under 70 will now only pay a maximum of €15 per month for prescribed medicines while those over 70 will only pay a maximum of €10 per month for prescribed medicines. 1.38 million people availing of the Drugs Payment Scheme will have €10 per month back in their packet – these are measures to be welcomed,” Minister Browne concluded. 

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