Vandals score ‘own goal’ at Bree pitch

By Dan Walsh

An investigation is taking place into a serious incident at Bree United’s Astro pitch at Macmine were a vehicle was used to vandalise the surface in a mindless act of anti-social behaviour that occurred around 1.10am this morning.

Damage to the playing surface at Bree United’s pitch at Macmine that occurred early this morning.

It appears that the intention was to drive across the pitch when the vehicle stuck in the muddy surface. Leftover Astro turf was removed from the clubhouse and placed underneath the sinking wheels of the vehicle, however, removal efforts failed, and weather conditions deteriorated rapidly.

Back-up arrived at 2.15 am and during a thunderstorm a tow was attached to a second vehicle, but it took some time before the stuck vehicle was freed and eventually both vehicles left in the direction of Bree village.

The activity was captured on CCTV and Bree United have taken to social media calling on those responsible to come forward before handing the footage over to the Gardaí.

Fortunately, for the foreseeable future no games are scheduled for the pitch due to the Covid-19 restrictions, however, Bree United is determined to repair the damage and bring the pitch back to its usual high standard as soon as possible.

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