Ringbouys removed at Courtown Harbour

By Dan Walsh

There is widespread public concern and disappointment at the news that three Ringbouys have gone missing from Courtown Harbour this morning. They are presumed maliciously removed from their moorings as the likelihood of all three removed at the same time prompts suspicion!


David Swinburne, Officer-in-Charge Courtown Coast Unit told WexfordLocal.com; “The removal of Ringbouys is both wreckless and dangerous, when someone is in difficulty in water seconds are vital and every second counts when you are talking about someone’s life”

“If anybody has information please let the relevant authorities know. Ringbouys are located at vital points along coasts for public safety and removing them is not only an offence but puts public safety at risk,” said a spokesperson for Courtown RNLI.

The slogan is A Stolen Ringbouy- A Stolen Life. They have been reported missing to Irish Water Safety on Ringbouys.ie

Remember if you see someone in difficulty on or near the water dial 112/999 and ask for the Coast Guard.

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