Death of homeless man in Wexford town

By Dan Walsh

The Mayor of Wexford, Cllr Leonard Kelly has expressed sadness and described as “incredibly sad news” the lonely death of a homeless man who had been sleeping rough in the Newtown Road area of Wexford town.

The body of the Polish man in his 60’s was discovered this morning. The scene was sealed off for some time and an investigation is under way.


“Without knowing the particulars of his life, I am not going to speculate but to see a fellow human dying in such conditions is not something we should tolerate as a society. My thoughts are with him, his family and all those who are living through similar circumstances,” he said.

Mayor Kelly added that increased unemployment among our younger people, rising rents locally as well as changing patterns in drug and alcohol use are creating a perfect storm where more individuals are presenting as being at risk of homelessness or actually becoming homeless. “This need to be acknowledged by our policy makers, and more funding needs to be made available locally to deal with what will be a growing crisis if not tackled.”

Mayor Kelly is requesting the people of Wexford to join with him tonight in lighting a candle to the deceased and to his memory. “Please join me in lighting a candle if you can,” he concluded.

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