Rosslare Europort Road Access Option C

By Dan Walsh

Option C has been identified as the Preferred Scheme Option for the N25 Rosslare Europort Access Road that can best deliver the project objectives following an appraisal of the three scheme options under the six criteria.

Scheme Option C is presented in the map and consists of a combination of existing road and new road corridor to provide a new access route to Rosslare Europort.

The option utilises the existing Ballygerry Link Road and proposes a new section of road looping to the north and crossing the Dublin to Rosslare Harbour railway line before continuing east to connect into Rosslare Europort.

The map shows how the preferred scheme option will integrate with the proposed new internal layout in Rosslare Europort via a new roundabout.

Option C will improve accessibility in Rosslare Harbour, particularly for residents and vulnerable groups, by removing port traffic from the village. This offers the potential for enhanced social inclusion and reduced inequality through improved access to essential services and amenities.

Option C offers the best connectivity with proposed infrastructure developments for the Rosslare Europort Masterplan, the Waterford to Rosslare Harbour Greenway project and the N11/N25 Oilgate to Rosslare Harbour road project. It will also provide a new, high quality and segregated facilities for pedestrians and cyclists that will be fully integrated with the proposed Waterford to Rosslare Harbour Greenway project. This will also create a continuous and fully integrated circuit for active travel that may stimulate increased levels of physical activity by encouraging people to cycle or walk.

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