“Frontline workers deserve a break!”

By Dan Walsh

New Ross-based Cllr Michael Sheehan has called on the Government and the Registration Councils to waive the Nursing, Healthcare and Teaching Council fees for 2020 as a token appreciation of their work through the pandemic.


Cllr Sheehan told WexfordLocal.com that frontline workers deserve a break. “I have called for a tax credit for workers but given their unique role in fighting the Covid pandemic, nurses are getting their registration reminders now and the NMBI a charge €100 to become a registered nurse/ midwife with them. I think it’s unfair after all we have been through to ask them to pay this charge. Waive the charge, small money but big impact.

“Teachers face a similar charge from the Teaching Council and they too, should be given a waiver to show our thanks in overcoming the obstacles to keep teaching live,” added Cllr Sheehan.

Cllr Sheehan has received several calls for support for nursing staff and has made representations to Taoiseach Mícheál Martin and Health Minister Stephen Donnelly to make this happen. “It is a small gesture but a meaningful one that shows our appreciation and understanding of the pressures they face. It’s one small part of many things we can do to show our thanks to them, their families and their vocations to keep us safe.” 

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