€50m for walking and cycling in your village!

By Dan Walsh

Funding of €50 million is to be made available to local authorities for investment in walking and cycling projects administered for the Department of Transport by the National Transport Authority with the aim of developing high quality cycling and walking away from the cities and targeted at towns and villages in rural Ireland.

SENATOR MALCOLM BYRNE supporting funds for walking and cycling in rural towns and villages.

Senator Malcolm Byrne has welcomed the funding; He told WexfordLocal.com “More and more people are walking and cycling, and we need to ensure that is supported and made safer. Wexford is ideally placed to develop additional safe walking and cycle routes and I know the County Council will take the lead on this.”

Minister Eamon Ryan said; “Since COVID-19 we have seen an increase in cycling and walking, and a reconnection to our local areas as well as some inspired ideas from our local councils. Now is the time to build on that by providing this specific funding for 2021 for high quality cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in towns and villages across the country.”

Among the kinds of project that will be considered are: (a) Development of active travel network strategies. (b) Provision of new / widened footpaths or segregated cycle tracks. (c), Reconstruction / renewal of defective footpaths or cycle tracks. (d), Improved crossing facilities for pedestrians/cyclists including raised surfaces, zebra crossings, provision of lighting and signalised crossings. (e), Provision of cycle parking. (f) Dishing of footpaths at junctions, raised pedestrian crossings, and reducing road width at crossing points. (g) Closing roads to vehicles, except for access only. (h), Permeability measures to support improved access within and between local communities. (i), Setting appropriate speed limits in accordance with the guidelines for setting and managing speed limits in Ireland and/or introducing a “Slow Zone”. (j) Pedestrian / cycle bridge rehabilitation works. (k) Design work in respect of the provision of a future pedestrian / cycle bridge.

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