No Christmas Party this year!

BY Dan Walsh

I used to love the last weekend of December leading up to the Christmas. It was the time when print journalists and radio presenters used to meet early deadlines to facilitate production and party occasions were on my calendar for decades. Sadly, this year, we haven’t a cracker to pull between us! The hug and the handshake are strictly out of bounds and the legal profession are losing potential business because we can’t tell the boss what we think of him/her! (please, take that last comment as an in-house joke!).

Yes, the Covid-19 restrictions have put manners on us and decking the Santa hat and pulling the cracker to reveal little plastic curiosities have been eliminated from our joviality. Drinking copious litres of wine until we mock the daytime performance of being ‘giddy and senseless’ and clouding our ghostly minds. But it was all good and clean (what happens at the party stays at the party) fun all the same.

The Christmas Party brought colleagues and fellow workers together in a social setting. It introduced the new recruits to the seasoned dudes. It began early and terminated quite late – usually a good chunk of a day later! It was an opportunity to make fools of ourselves without blame or blemish. For the many there are great memories. Thankfully, usually the next day was free of work commitments!

Professor Luke O’Neill is asking us to be patient with the Covid-19 restrictions that will likely be with us until the summer, however, on TV3, Luke gave us hope and hinted that we can revert to the good times in Christmas 2021. We must obey the rules and follow the guidelines and, who knows, we may party again like the ‘old days’ next year. In the meantime, the guidelines are wash the hands, use the sanitizer, wear the facing covering and practice social distancing. Stay Safe. Happy Christmas.

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