Christmas travel concerns at Rosslare Europort

By Dan Walsh

The deteriorating Covid-19 situation in the UK has prompted a ban on flights and a ban on ferries carrying passengers with effect from midnight for at least 48 hours until midnight Tuesday. The matter will be reviewed at a cabinet meeting in Dublin on Tuesday.

BBC Wales is reporting that people in Wales have been told to stay at home and not travel this Christmas. The new lockdown rules mean the easing of Christmas rules have been reduced to just Christmas Day.

In the days leading up to Christmas these restrictions will have serious consequences for intending passengers on the ferries into and out of Rosslare Europort to Fishguard and Pembroke.

Ferries will continue to be allowed to sail with cargo, which is essential for supply of food and services, and arrangements are been made to allow a return home for those Irish residents who were on short visits to UK and for those who are traveling to Ireland from another country via the UK. is advising intending passengers and/or their families to contact the relevant authorities before booking or arriving at the ferry ports at Rosslare, Fishguard and Pembroke prior to departure. The situation is extremely volatile and fraught with uncertainty and subject to change at short notice. It is better to stay at home this Christmas and avoid unnecessary confusion, delays, and possibly a costly unwanted staycation!

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