Our special image for Christmas 2020 is that of the beautiful outdoor crib erected at the entrance to Bree Community Centre as part of the Christmas Lights presentation in the village.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to the thousands of readers who use WexfordLocal.com to stay in touch with the local news since its launch last June. It has been a period of growing the product and the public response has been encouraging. Getting the local news online is a new concept that will take time to grow on the readership, but we are facing in the right direction and the horizon is getting closer every day.

It has been a challenging time for all of us due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed in our path, however, we are all in this together so the emphasis has been on support local, and while our community existence has been tested to the limit, be positive and some sort of normality will brighten our days again because our friendship, our tradition of resilience and a strong spirit will prevail. We must protect our mental health and support each other in the dark days and be prepared to enjoy the sunshine and the joy when it returns.

WexfordLocal.com has the tag line; News and Sport and Events that matter across County Wexford.

Dan Walsh, Managing Editor, WexfordLocal.com

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