Wexford Christmas Fast raises €40,650

By Dan Walsh

Two Wexford town clergymen have raised €40,650 for local charities at the annual four-day Christmas Fast which took place under pandemic regulations this year. The high profile fast is usually held outside St. Iberius Church on Wexford’s North Main Street.


Canon Arthur Minion and Fr. Aodhán Marken wish to thank the people of Wexford for their continued generosity year after year. Mayor of Wexford Cllr Leonard Kelly has led tributes to the clergymen for the sacrifice and generosity they have shown through the annual fasting in all weathers.

€40,650 is a remarkable public response during the pandemic. 2019 raised €51,000, up €6,000 on the 2018 figure.

This year’s charities are Wexford Vincent de Paul, Wexford Womens Refuge, Ozanam House Men’s Hostel, Wexford Hospice Homecare, Wexford Rape Crisis Centre.

The fast has been a feature of Christmas in Wexford town for over 20 years, runs for four days concluding on Christmas Eve. It is estimated that over €750,000 has been raised since the event was first initiated.

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