Irish Water warns “watch out for leaks and freezing pipes”

By Dan Walsh

In a statement issued on Friday Irish Water and Wexford County Council are asking homes and businesses to check for leaks and to conserve water where possible whilst adhering to public health advice on hand washing and hygiene regarding Covid-19.

“We are asking people to do this to protect the water supply in advance of expected freezing temperatures and snow expected in the coming days. In January, following freezing temperatures and the subsequent thaw the public water network experienced a greater than normal volume of bursts. Irish Water in partnership with Wexford County Council carried out hundreds of leakage and burst repairs arising from the cold snap.
Tom Cuddy, Head of Operations, Irish Water, told; “As we face another spell of sub-zero temperatures over the weekend and into next week we are appealing to homes, businesses and those responsible for unoccupied buildings to check for leaks whilst adhering to current public health regulations and advice, and to turn off water where it’s not needed. We are also appealing to customers to check outside pipes that can become frozen and burst during periods of cold weather and report leaks they see on the public network to us.

“Small efforts by everyone to conserve water wherever possible make a big difference overall and we would ask the public to only use what they need whilst continuing to adhere to public health advice on hand washing and hygiene regarding Covid-19. Simple advice on conservation includes for example taking showers over baths and fixing dripping taps where it is possible to do so.
“We are also reminding people with responsibility for properties that are currently unoccupied to check for leaks, whilst adhering to public health regulations and advice and turn off water where it is not required. There are lots more tips on how to conserve water in your home, business or school on our website at

To report a leak please contact Irish Water on 1850 278 278

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