Litter problem is getting worse

By Dan Walsh

While walking the roads of North Wexford Cllr Joe Sullivan noticed that the litter problem is getting worse, and consequently, he brought a motion before Monday’s February meeting of Wexford County Council held with Microsoft Teams due to Covid-19 regulations which suggested that the Council “make recycling services free of charge at their designated locations around the county.”

Cllr Pat Barden had suggested the setting up of a working group in districts and reporting back to a central workforce, and Cllr Sullivan agreed, and “do something about litter in a meaningful way and the three pillars to go on were education, incentivise and enforcement as a last resort.”

Party waste dumped over a wall

CEO Tom Enright indicated that this matter had come up before the Council before and he noticed from talking to his recycling staff that where there was no charge before people were coming much more often with smaller amounts of recyclable material and when there was a small charge they were coming less regularly, but with larger amounts which made it much easier to operate the centres.

It was agreed to bring the matter to the SPC (Special Projects Committee) for the Environment and its Chairperson Cllr Mary Farrell said she would be happy to bring it there and come up with ideas and discussion to bring to a future meeting.

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