Enniscorthy secures County Vaccination Centre

By Dan Walsh

The renowned Riverside Park Hotel and Leisure Club beside the River Slaney at Enniscorthy is confirmed as the Vaccination Centre for County Wexford. Local Minister James Browne said that an agreement has been reached between the Riverside Hotel and the HSE to provide the County Wexford Vaccination Centre in Enniscorthy and this was signed off last night by the HSE at national level.

RIVERSIDE PARK HOTEL beside the River Slaney at Enniscorthy.

“This is very welcome news and will come as a great relief to many people,” said Minister Browne, who added; “I want to thank the Riverside Hotel for making their hotel available for such an important community service and the HSE for ensuring that Wexford has a major vaccination centre.”

In a comment on social media last night a spokesperson for the Riverside Hotel said; “We are absolutely delighted to be able to support the HSE with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine starting soon at the Riverside Park Hotel, looking forward to a brighter future for us all.”

This vaccination centre will cater for the next phase of the vaccination rollout and will include a registration centre, ten injection bays, a recovery area and a temporary pharmacy.

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