Giving visitors a different view!

By Dan Walsh

Good work done in the main streets of Wexford’s four district towns is being undone by empty units with large ‘for sale or rent’ signs over them according to Cllr John Hegarty who brought a motion before last Monday’s Microsoft Teams monthly meeting of Wexford County Council that “will require that vacant premises display graphics depicting a vibrant shop setting in its windows.”

Cllr Hegarty pointed out that walking down any of our main streets you will see numerous signs up and it sucks the atmosphere and life out of the place and what we are seeking to do, when we get a chance to re-open and this is not just about covid, we will be looking to create the most attractive atmosphere we possibly can in our four main towns and get people back in town walking the streets and enjoying the public realm.

Making streets more attractive to visitors and creating an atmosphere. Great example from New Ross in August 2020.

Cllr Hegarty proposed a ban on any rent or for sale signs that are large and attached to buildings and that any vacant properties should have graphics inside which are agreed by the Council showing a working shop! 

“So, for visitors walking down the street it shows that they are in a thriving town. The for sale/rent signs can go up on a A3 page,” said Cllr Hegarty who added that from his research the people who are going to buy or rent these properties don’t use big signs but have already had their contacts.

Cllr Jim Moore seconded the motion. There were no further discussion and Cathaoirleach Cllr Ger Carthy declared the motion ‘passed’.

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