Enniscorthy Castle is going GREEN

By Dan Walsh

Famous Enniscorthy castle and other town landmarks that are illuminated by public lighting will be going GREEN for a unique St. Patrick’s Day experience on March 17th. This was one of the many positive ideas pondered at the February meeting of Enniscorthy Municipal District Council held by Microsoft Teams today.

Cllr John O’Rourke asked the District Manager if considering the Covid-19 and no St. Patrick’s Day festival and parade again this year that maybe to lighten the mood and show support he suggested “making the castle go green” for St. Patrick’s Day and maybe incorporate the lighting system in St Aidan’s Cathedral and light up the town in green!


Ger Mackey agreed it was a good idea and assured the meeting that it will be done. “Let’s paint the town green,” he added.

In a discussion on walking trails Cllr Cathal Byrne mentioned the urgency in repairs to the bridge over the River Urrin carrying the Country Walk. It is in bad repair, does not facilitate wheelchair access, and he asked that it become a priority.

Mr Mackey wished to see what could be done. He suggested maybe going towards Edermine, although he admitted that would be costly, or link into Borodale, and possibly under Active Travel to go back through the mill field onto Mill Park Road and Munster Hill.

Cllr Cathal Byrne spoke in support in Vinegar Hill and hoped that the National 1798 Centre could be relocated there. Cllr Jackser Owens agreed. He said the ’98 Centre should have been up there in the first place. “It is the ideal spot for it.”

Mr Mackey stated that any reimagining of Vinegar Hill would be sensitive considering the archaeology and being ‘a sacred place’ as a battlefield graveyard, and looking at history through a different lens, say through the arts, is worth exploring.

Mr Mackey agreed that Enniscorthy needed an active travel path for the town as there are a lot of little trails and tracks in nooks and crannies that people have decided themselves are “the best routes” and we need to be ready with a plan. The matter will be raised again at the March meeting and a plan will be put together between the District Manager and the members.

Cathaoirleach Cllr Barbara-Anne Murphy said it was vital that there is access to the country trail down by the river for both leisure and maintenance. “We need to get all those trails ready and the Active Travel so that we can get grants and be ready.”

Mr Mackey thought that the consultant’s “town of trails” was a nice brand Enniscorthy could build on, but all these things should be good for the people of Enniscorthy and the district as well. “It is not just a tourism thing! Tourism spins off. It is for the citizens of the town and district.”

Cllr Murphy felt that a town like Enniscorthy needs trails because it is on the hills and the valleys and the trails make it more accessible and adventurous. “People see the markings and they know they can walk it. Town of trails is a lovely term,” she concluded.

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