‘Bottlegate’ strikes at Bree

By Dan Walsh

At recent meetings of Wexford County Council members from all parts of the county have been complaining of increased dumping in rural areas and argue strongly that the situation is getting worse. A new approach has been discovered in the Bree area.

Residents and casual walkers who use Knockduff Lane, near Bree village, are dismayed by an episode known locally as ‘Bottlegate’ after hundreds of empty beer bottles of a well-known brand mysteriously appeared last Sunday night or Monday morning.

A rural bottle bank!

The cargo is neatly packaged into boxes and large bags and displayed at six different locations, mostly inside locked gates, but visible from the roadway. Must have taken a large vehicle to get it all there.

It is obviously the left-overs of a long Christmas party and one bag has a seasonal image of Santa Claus, although he is not suspected of having any part in this ‘unusual’ illegal dumping act. Maybe as an act of recompense for the Lenten season removal transport will return to the scene.

A post-Christmas party scene at Knockduff

The matter is being investigated by Enniscorthy Garda Station and Wexford County Council and anyone with information is asked to get in touch.

Illegal dumping at Garranstackle

Meanwhile, also in the Bree area, a white weather-proof mattress and a crocked washing machine is on view to roadusers beside a partly overgrown No Dumping sign. This is a popular spot for this kind of activity.

A conveyance of items destined for disposal ended up illegally dumped on the side of the road from Clonmore Bridge to Ballymorris Cross (on the R730 between Ballymackessy and Killurin) in the townland of Garranstackle on September 25th last year.

It was reported on WexfordLocal.com and completely disappeared next day. Fingers are crossed for a repeat performance in this instance.

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