Slaney Street project is ‘funding dependent’.

By Dan Walsh

Enniscorthy’s Slaney Street could be in for a conservation facelift and has the backing of the District Council, but the success of the project is ‘funding dependent’ and €200,000 is required, last Monday’s monthly meeting of Enniscothy Municipal District Council by Microsoft Teams was informed.

In the Manager’s Report, Ger Mackey told members that a submission was made for conservation on Slaney Street under the Heritage Council’s Town Historical Initiative. “The application from Enniscorthy is the Wexford application,” he added.

Cllr Aidan Browne asked for more detail on the funding for Slaney Street.


Mr Mackey said it was a conservation project where shopfronts will be renovated, and insulation upgraded with the painting of shopfronts. “We are looking for grant funding of about €180,000 and match funding would bring it to just over €200,000. It’s hard funding to get but it will completely enhance Slaney Street from the Market Square to the river.”

He added that it is a County Project and its good that Enniscorthy is fighting for those projects now. “If we are successful, we will know in March and it will be finished in November so its not going to be a long haul of a project, Fingers crossed, of course, that we get the funding. It is funding dependent. Slaney Street won’t happen without the funding,” he concluded.

Cllr Cathal Byrne called for a pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Slaney Street as part of the project. Cllr Byrne noted that the only pedestrian crossing for people was near Burgermac and the people using Slaney Street cross at the bottom of the street and do not walk to Burgermac!

Cllr Jackser Owens had questions about the Templeshannon Regeneration Project, and it was promised that a presentation report in relation to that project will be brought before the next meeting by the Director of Services.

The Templeshannon project includes a footbridge across the River Slaney from the swimming pool on the eastern side of the town to the bottom of Slaney Street.

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