Wexford business face more Brexit

By Dan Walsh

Wexford businesses need to be ready for further import checks from April 1st with the introduction of new documentary import controls on certain categories of EU goods such as all products of animal origin, including all meat, dairy, fish and composite products incorporating products of animal origin, as well as regulated plants and plant products.


Wexford’s Senator Malcolm Byrne points out that these new regulations will impact on supply chains for those shipping goods from Wexford and Ireland into Britain or using the landbridge with potential time delays. “Exporters, particularly of food products, need to be ready for these checks,” he warns.

“Avoiding the UK altogether will be increasingly attractive to Irish companies exporting to continental Europe as there will be greater time certainty through direct shipping. This makes the new direct routes at Rosslare even more attractive. For Wexford companies exporting to Britain, the added checks could result in delays,” concluded Senator Byrne.

In addition to customs formalities, Irish exporters exporting to or through the UK, excluding Northern Ireland, will need to comply with several new UK requirements. An exporter’s UK importer will have to pre-notify the UK authorities of the goods, the exporter will have to get the appropriate Health Certificate(s) from the Irish authorities and move the goods together with these Health Certificate(s).

Information on the impact, as well as government grants and supports can be found at gov.ie/Brexit 

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