Burst pipes in Gorey “not a priority”

By Dan Walsh

Cllr Andrew Bolger has been prominent in reflecting on water supply problems in Gorey and last week brought to the attention of the Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal Council the almost infamous Fort Road nine-inch pipe and today he raised the matter before representatives of Irish Water.


Cllr Bolger told WexfordLocal.com how he raised his frustration around the two issues being overlooked in the Gorey District. “Firstly, the nine-inch pipe on the Forth Road was put forward for consideration, however, both Wexford County Council and Irish Water deemed it a much lower priority than I had hoped. It burst 14/15 times last year forcing many people in Gorey to go without water while working from home. Some people had to call out plumbers to fix airlocks. This summer will be no different. I feel that the people of Gorey will not accept this, and I think these views are reasonably held. Of course, there will be operational costs of ripping up the road and making repairs. Our local crew always act quickly but I believe they could be carrying out other work.

“Secondly, I raised the issue of waste-water capacity in Camolin village. An issue that has been ongoing for quite some time and will continue to be a problem for quite a while yet. This too is not considered a priority. If you ask the people in Camolin what is the main issue they will tell you it’s the waste water capacity. It is not possible to get planning in the village because of this. The next review is in 2024. A lifetime away for the people of Camolin. The national planning laws seem to want people to be living in villages, well Camolin would be a lovely village to live in but there’s little hope of building there,” concluded Cllr Bolger.

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