Wexford General Hospital “mismanagement”; Deputy Murphy

By Dan Walsh

Waiting lists concerns at Wexford General Hospital were aired on tonight’s edition of RTE’s Prime Time by Wexford Independent Deputy Verona Murphy who was on the programme to comment on today’s Covid-19 plan announcement by An Taoiseach, Micheál Martin.


Deputy Murphy said the people have lost confidence and Level 5 is not working. She added that people have abandoned it and that anecdotal evidence can be seen by the increase of traffic on roads.

Asked about today’s plan, Deputy Murphy replied: “I want to see what is behind the plan! There is no plan. We never had the numbers. The numbers were misguided in the Dail they were misguided by the Minister for Health (Stephen Donnelly) and now we don’t even know what the numbers are? We are still recruiting vaccinators. We are being asked for birth certificates and junior certificates at a time when we are supposed to be getting a million vaccines.

“We needed a plan that we would have the ICU beds to prevent our hospitals being overwhelmed – a plan that shows we have the testing and traceability.”

“I think people are very angry,” said Deputy Murphy who displayed on screen a copy of today’s Wexford People newspaper and alluded to the banner headline “an increase of 69% in our hospital figures” which actually transpires to be 2,200 people on a list at Wexford General Hospital which she claimed is due to “mismanagement of Covid.”

Asked by the presenter Louise Byrne what she thought NEPHET had got wrong? Deputy Murphy replied; “We don’t know because anybody who voices a contrary opinion isn’t heard – they are shut down” and she claimed that last year Sam McConkey claimed that 4 million people would get Covid and 80,000 people would die. That has not happened.”

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