1,100 passports backlog in Wexford

By Dan Walsh

According to new information attained by Fianna Fáil New Ross District Cllr Michael Sheehan there is a backlog of 1,100 passport applications in Wexford comprising 900 for renewals alongside 200 first time applications.

Cllr. Sheehan told WexfordLocal.com; “The challenge of clearing this backlog will be significant and I hope it can be addressed soon. While obviously the fundamental reason for having a passport, that of international travel, is not of huge importance right now, nonetheless it is essential that we resume normal service as soon as possible.


“The target for vaccination is for 80% of adults to have at least had one jab by the end of June. Similar targets exist across Europe. If these are achieved, it is likely that more traditional patterns of international travel can resume accompanied with significant demand.

“The European Parliament approved Digital Green Certificates this week. These could be needed for international travel too, but they will not arise for many people if they do not have the most basic travel document, a valid passport.

“We are told that the backlog can be cleared in 6-8 weeks. Let us get moving on it now,” concluded Cllr Sheehan.

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