WWII tower demolished at Rosslare

BEFORE ;The Greenore Point Tower as the ferry sails out of harbour this morning

By Dan Walsh

There is serious local anger amongst historians and conservationists surrounding the malicious demolition of a prominent World War II landmark overlooking Rosslare Harbour at Greenore Point or Bing which took place today.

Eyewitnesses on social media say the tower was standing at 9 am this morning. It is now destroyed! There is photographic evidence of tyre marks on the land leading to the tower which is close to the cliff edge.

Speculation as to what exactly happened to the landmark appears to indicate that it was a deliberate act given the amount of force required.

It is understood that a land right-of-way dispute may be creating tension in the neighbourhood.

AFTER; Greenore Point tower tonight.

Cllr Ger Carthy has condemned what he described as “a sheer act of vandalism inflicted on my local area” and has been in touch with senior officials responsible for conservation at Wexford County Council and via social media he assures “my local community that this historic watchout tower will be put back to its original state.”

Rosslare in History (pub. 2005, edited by Gerry Breen) carries a brief history of the tower. The Marine and Coast Watching Service, set up ‘coast watching towers’ essentially looking out for drifting mines and shipping activity during World War II, and manned by volunteers, at Rosslare Point, Greenore Point and Carnsore Point.

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