Fethard celebrates the May Bush

By Dan Walsh

Lots of interest in the May Bush Festival across Co. Wexford this weekend.

The tradition of decorating the May Bush was fostered publicly in the media by folklorist Michael Fortune with strong support from Wexford County Council.

Great response across the county with Michael Fortune and family probably hitting the high notes at Curragraigue, just a few fields from Ballindaggin village.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions big gatherings were outlawed, but people responded appropriately, and many small ‘festivals decorating the May Bush’ were practiced privately by families in their own gardens.

May Bush exhibit at the entrance to Fethard National School

However, on my travels over the weekend, I discovered a wonderful May Bush presentation by the side of the road at the entrance to Scoil Mhadhóig Fiod Ard (Fethard National School). Clearly, the pupils, teachers and parents put in a big effort and they deserve to be complimented. Well done to all!   

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