Sen. Byrne appointed to New Ireland Commission

By Dan Walsh

Gorey-based Senator Malcolm Byrne has been appointed to the New Ireland Commission established today (Friday) with the aim of exploring how to build co-operation and partnerships on this island, in health, in education, in the economy, and in other areas.


It is a progressive initiative that looks to bring people from different backgrounds and opinions on this island together to learn and share ideas.

“I’ve been honoured to be asked by SDLP Leader, Colin Eastwood, to serve as a member of the Commission along with academics, businesspeople, trade unionists, community workers, leaders of different faiths and others,” said Senator Byrne, who added; “The group includes a former Republican prisoner as well as the former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.” 

Senator Byrne told; “We have a lot of work to do to build a new Ireland and we must be willing to listen and work together.”

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