National Biodiversity Action Week

By Dan Walsh

Wexford County Council has lots to announce for National Biodiversity Action Week 2021, which takes place from May 15th-23rd and will make lots of exiting announcements reflecting support for biodiversity activities within County Wexford.

TOM ENRIGHT CEO Wexford County Council

The Council is committed to fostering a culture which promotes biodiversity, from actions at Municipal District level in the maintenance of public spaces, to central policies of banning chemical cleaners and implementing commitments under the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021-2025. 

Chief Executive Officer Tom Enright told; “There is an inherent value in promoting biodiversity in County Wexford. The projects we are undertaking will have a significant impact not just on our lives, but more importantly to help secure the environment around us for future generations. Our efforts today, across different areas of our public realm, will support Wexford County Council’s long term goals in implementing the aims of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, of which we are a very proud partner.” 

Mr Enright continued; “The Council’s own practices in our outdoor areas, from leaving the cutting of grass to six week intervals where practicable and planting pollinator plants and trees across the county are a simple step to help the bee population. Each one of us has the capacity to contribute to a greener, more biodiverse future for Wexford.”

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