Boolavogue village development

By Dan Walsh

We hear a lot about revitalising rural villages and small towns and there are a number of developments taking place as we slowly emerge from the lockdown and no where is more vibrant than Boolavogue village.

Boolavogue Development Group secured funding of €97,934 for the restoration of the vacant National School and transformation into a digital hub and Community Centre in addition to creating a landscaped garden.

Chairperson Barry Turner and his excellent and hardworking committee have put a lot of pre-planning into the project and are challenged with raising the community supplement to the grant which is approximately €20,000.

CLLR PIP BREEN and DERMOT BREEN outside the old Boolavogue school where a new community development begins shortly.

The old two-room school that served the educational needs of the community from 1890 until 1962 and afterwards was used by local organisations.

Dermot Breen confirmed that the grant will be used “to lift the area a small bit” with a sensory garden and a multi-function room. An acre of ground to the rear has been cleared off and soon work will commence on the site.

Cllr Pip Breen told they are thankful for the funding and “it will be a huge benefit for the community.”

AUDIO ADDITION; Dermot Breen and Cllr Pip Breen talking to Dan Walsh about community developments in Boolavogue

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