Young Cameron steals the show!

By Dan Walsh

Mayor of Wexford Cllr Leonard Kelly honoured an invitation to attend Wexford CBS Primary School by Raymond Shannon of Wexford People Helping People to acknowledge the wonderful gesture of the Principal Vicky Barron and the Board of Management at the school for opening their doors on a permanent basis to their Soup Kitchen (food for which is kindly provided by the people and businesses of Wexford).

CAMERON SHANNON gets his chance to wear the Mayoral Chains and be acknowledged by Mayor Kelly.

Mayor Kelly told; “But the main reason I was there was to acknowledge a fine young man, Cameron Shannon (Ray’s son). His passion for the work his dad and all the other volunteers is engaged with moved the school to make the wonderful gesture that they made to the group. I could see this little guy moving the box getting ready for his important work of the evening. As soon as the photos were taken it was back to work, helping. Cameron is a wonderful young man.”

Others in attendance included Cllrs Lisa McDonald and Jim Codd.

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