Saving Kilmore Quay fishing industry

By Dan Walsh

Around 50 boats from the coastal areas Kilmore Quay to Dingle sailed through the night and assembled at Roche’s Point at 7am today before the public awareness flotilla of boats sailed up the River Lee to Cork City to highlight the huge strain on the fishing industry and delivered a plea for help at An Taoiseach Micheál Martin’s constituency office.

Speaking to RTE News Dinah Busher owner of the Ellie Adhamh, Kilmore Quay, said; “The quotas we have they are not paying the bills. The expenses for each trip they are not being covered.”

The local fishing fleet resting in Kilmore Quay. (File Pic)

Commenting locally Cllr Jim Codd told; “Fishing communities like Kilmore Quay are on the brink of utter destruction due to unmanageable new EU regulations. These new measures which will require fishermen to unpack and weigh their catch on the Quay before repacking and re-icing the load and transporting it two hundred yards up the road to the factory are just the latest attempts to erode our fishing communities.

“Our trawler crews working in the most dangerous of jobs now see a box of Whelks, which was fetching €100, now only getting €55-€60 while Lobster pots have risen from €50 to €80. Diesel has gone from 30% to 54% cent per litre in the last year. A box of haddock is getting £100 in Peterhead across the water. Fishermen here are lucky to get €20 a box with prices falling to €12 a box last week. Things have gone so bad that they are using the haddock in the Lobster pots now. Prices go up while wages drop creating an unsustainable situation,” concluded Cllr Codd.

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