Who wants to live beside the seaside?

By Dan Walsh

Yesterday (Sunday) was the hottest day of the year…so far…and with a small slice of freedom from the 15-month shackles of Covid-19 it was a tonic to inhale fresh air and feel good in mental and physical health.

But the sunshine brings with it -so many problems, especially in relation to coastal areas – all of them by the guidance of geography ends in a cul-de-sac!

On Facebook you will find a litany of complaints; overflowing car parks, parking on yellow lines or opposite the entrance to private property and the possible obstruction of access for emergency vehicles.

Then there are the overflowing bins, people not bringing home their litter and cans, and a declaration of war on premises that sell convenient food without their name on the label and an opportunity to bring forward prosecutions. Obey the signs and always observe the rules… and if you believe that is par for the course… you will be tormented every day!

My sources are questioning how often these bins are emptied? And we must not forget the kindness of the good people who took their rubbish home with them or acknowledge the crows who sorted the good food from the bad!

There is a war against Jet Ski’s. I think Courtown is about to consider a ban on the use of jet ski action by Wexford County Council? They are adjudged to be noisy and dangerous – like a normal visit to a Night Club!

Camper vans are coming in for some criticism too. Now that the staycation is the only game in town the camper vans are multiplying and last weekend upwards of 20 of them took up the parking spots at Cahore and the beachgoers had to park further away than usual. Acrimony with camper vans along the south Wexford coast too. The big conundrum and unnecessary worry is… where do they empty their toilets?


So where do we go from here? A summer of welcome return for visitors…or a summer of discontent due to inconvenience…leaving the locals (full-time and part-time) to their own retreat and privacy?

This story will become warmer as the summer progresses and the hardship of Covid-19 becomes an unspeakable subject…and there still exists the short-taken minority who will defecate in the woods and urinate in the corners and while nature has been tolerant in this regard since humans were created…21st century etiquette has refreshed an Edwardian ethic that is doomed to fail!

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