Anger grows at Courtown Woods

By Dan Walsh

Meetings have been taking place ‘in committee’ in recent days between local public representatives and the Chief Executive Officer of Wexford County Council, Tom Enright, over the future of Courtown Woods in the wake of a majority vote to bring the Woods into public ownership at a recent meeting of Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Council. and the members of the Press are not privy to what happened at the discussions, however, late last night (Monday) a statement was released by Protect Courtown Woods group that allege last week’s talks with Wexford County Council have led to nothing but empty promises and the Protectors of Courtown Woods say; “it’s time to get angry.”

“They’ve seriously underestimated the fury out there – people aren’t going to tolerate this underhanded sell-off and privatisation of our irreplaceable ancient woodland.

“In the wake of the widespread anger of the North Wexford community at the recent media spin of the liquidators and the apparent double-dealing of Wexford County Council, we condemn their misleading disinformation campaign and reject their laughably hollow ‘assurances’.

“Wexford County Council is making a grave mistake if it thinks the good and moral people of North Wexford can be hoodwinked so easily with media “disinformation campaigns.” understands that the protect the Courtown Woods campaign is set to escalate with advice and support from several national advocacy organisations and possible legal action on behalf of the community.

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