More Gardaí for Gorey and Courtown

By Dan Walsh

Cllr Andrew Bolger is calling on the Garda Commissioner to open the station in Courtown for the 10 weeks of the summer with additional officers and place a strong emphasis on community policing -‘on the beat’- in both Gorey and Courtown.


In a statement on social media tonight (Wednesday) Cllr Bolger claims the people of North Wexford do not have the required number of Gardai to provide the security of a service that they are entitled to expect!

The allocation of Garda numbers falls to the Garda Commissioner and/or Chief Superintendent in the county. In 2013 Gorey lost its District status, despite a strong public campaign to retain its status and increase the number of Gardaí serving in the district and became a sub-station of Enniscorthy. Much has changed since 2013.

Gorey have 17% (51) of Garda numbers in the county. Courtown/Riverchapel has two Gardaí and is the fifth largest town in Co. Wexford.

“I have a huge respect for members of An Garda Síochána who go out every day and put their lives at risk in order to protect us. However, they do need adequate Garda numbers to carry out the job,” said Cllr Bolger who is calling on his constituents to get behind the campaign.

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