Summer outdoor dining in Wexford town

By Dan Walsh

Mayor of Wexford Cllr Leonard Kelly requested an update from the Wexford Municipal Council District Manager Angela Laffan to inform members of the public of changes occurring in Wexford town with a view to facilitate summer outdoor hospitality.

In reply, the District Manager said; “As Wexford town reopens for business after a period of lengthy closure, the following areas were identified as requiring a road closure and/or special arrangements to licence the hospitality sector to provide outdoor dining in a safe and welcoming environment in accordance with Covid Government guidelines.


In addition to the issue of a Section 254 Licence for outdoor tables and chairs, the following arrangements have been put in place and will continue over the summer months until further notice:

Henrietta Street; Road closure in place from 11am to 11pm each day Monday to Sunday. Access for deliveries etc. up to 11am each morning Monday to Saturday,

Charlotte Street; Road closure in place from 11am to 11pm each day. Bollard installed at junction of Lower George Street and Selskar Street at 11am daily, Monday to Saturday. Bollard removed at 8.15am daily, Monday to Saturday, to facilitate refuse collection and deliveries. Bollard remains in the locked position from 11am on Saturday until 8.15am on Monday morning.

Disabled Bays: Access to the under-used Disabled Bays on Charlotte Street will not be available after 11am each day. The Post Office is encouraging less mobile customers to do their business before 11am, if at all possible. Note however, during the trial pedestrianisation of Monck Street in the past 12/18 months (which by default restricted access to Charlotte Street during business hours), additional disabled parking bays were installed at the request of the members on Common Quay Street, Lower George Street, Selskar Street and other areas to compensate. These additional bays have remained in place, so it is considered that there are adequate disabled parking bays close to this section of North Main Street.

Mallin Street; Road closure in place from 11am to 6pm each day, Monday to Saturday. Bollard installed at junction with John’s Gate Street / Cornmarket at 11am daily and lifted at 6pm. Road open to traffic on Sunday.

Lower Rowe Street; Road closure in place from 11am to 6pm each day, Monday to Sunday.Bollard installed at junction with Mallin Street / High Street at 11am daily. Monday to Saturday; Bollard at The Bullring/North Main Street also installed at 11am Monday to Saturday. Bollards removed at 6pm daily Monday to Friday. Bollards remain in the locked position from 11am on Saturday until 8.15am on Monday morning.

South Main Street; No road closure required. On-street parking removed on South Main Street (from junction with Cinema Lane to junction with Oyster Lane) and on sections along South Main Street (from junction with Lower Bride Street to junction with Lower King Street). Vehicular traffic will still have access to drive through this area to access other car parking facilities but will not be permitted to park on street. Three new loading bays have been installed outside R. Doyle Butchers, Wexford Auto Factors and the Emerald Gardens to facilitate deliveries into the area.

Cornmarket; A Section 254 Licence has been granted to the Thomas Moore Tavern to facilitate outdoor dining adjacent to their premises at Cornmarket.

Because of ground level conditions, certain civil works are under way to facilitate the installation of a temporary decking structure to accommodate outdoor furniture and associated infrastructure.

The situation in each of the above areas will be monitered and kept under review over the summer months together with all other businesses to whom a Section 254 Licence has been issued to facilitate outdoor dining.

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