Rosslare Harbour gives up its Secret Garden!

Rosslare Harbour Village Park and Gardens have been recognised by the Wexford Gardens Trail as worthy of being included in the guide of visitor attractions in the county. The Secret Garden is no longer secret!

It is great that Rosslare Harbour can now boast the distinction of being a member of both the Wexford Walking Trail and the Wexford Gardens Trail. Over 21,000 people have visited the Cliff Walk so far this year and it is planned to grow increasing numbers of visitors to the area to enjoy this new experience.

Michael Delaney, Chairman of Rosslare Harbour Development Group and also Chairman of Wexford Walking Trails told ; “The whole area of the Gardens is four and a half acres. It is quite an extensive piece of property. It is a plantation of Scots Pines. The Village Park and Gardens is composed of five different areas – the Memorial Park, the Sensory Garden, Peter’s Garden, Seamus’s Garden and the Landfill Garden – now it is part of the Wexford Garden’s Trail.”

This is testimony to the great work begun by Seamus Kirwan and Peter McCormack and continued from humble beginnings by the volunteers of the Environment Group with the support of local Tús workers.

The new visitor experience at Rosslare Harbour is attracting strong media attention. Mid Week Voices on South East Radio with Dan Walsh will air interviews recorded recently on location on tonight’s (Wednesday) programme starting at 8pm.

Tracks and Trails programme also visited the Village Park and Gardens and this programme hosted by Pól Ó Conghaile, travel writer with the Irish Independent, will feature on RTE 1 at 7.30 on Friday night. 

AUDIO ADDITION – Michael Delaney talks to Dan Walsh about the Rosslare Harbour Village Park and Gardens.

Don’t miss either programme!! Check out to access both trails.

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