Irish Water focus on local news

Irish Water customers can now avail of quick access to relevant information on their water supply, based on where they live, thanks to the rollout of a newly designed Irish Water website.

The changes will allow people around the country to immediately see what works and projects are ongoing in their locality by setting their location at

This is already proving helpful for customers experiencing issues such as water outages. A quick look at the Irish Water website immediately tells them what the issue is, the areas affected and when it will be rectified. With over 900,000 users on the site ever year, this revamp will ensure continues to provide an essential public service.

YVONNE HARRIS Head of Customer Operations at Irish Water.

Head of Customer Operations with Irish Water Yvonne Harris told; “We have upgraded our website so it is more user-friendly. We talked to our customers, we listened to their feedback and made changes to better improve the user experience for all.

“We are now keeping our customers informed, in real time, about any issues that may be impacting their water supply as well as updates on significant projects, leakage works and water quality.

“Now, instead of Wexford residents seeing news for Dublin, or Cork residents seeing information on outages in Wexford, they see local news, supply updates, and information on water quality and projects. And it is one ‘click’ to turn it off and return to a national view. In addition, a mobile-first design caters to most visitors who use mobiles to access”

Irish Water is committed to keeping customers informed across multiple platforms 24/7 and  encourage customers to engage with them through the website, Twitter channels @IWCare and @IrishWater, on Facebook and LinkedIn and through our customer care helpline which is open 24/7 on 1800 278 278.

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