The hammer strikes the anvil in Bunclody

By Dan Walsh

Nolan’s Forge on Foundry Lane, linking Irish Street and Ryland Road, in Bunclody was operated by three generations of the Nolan family from 1885 to 1992, and then fell into disrepair, but the good news is that Nolan’s Forge is being renovated and will open its doors to visitors again next month.

PAT MURPHY, JOHNJOE MURPHY and LIAM KELLY outside the renovated Nolan’s Forge on Foundry Lane, Bunclody.

The forge, a popular meeting place in the town centre, was founded by Martin Nolan followed by Martin’s son Stephen, while Stephen’s son, Martin Nolan operated the business until 1992, and passed away later that year.

Liam Kelly and some friends decided to renovate the old forge as a working visitor centre and plans are advanced in installing a bellows, anvil and other equipment necessary in a working forge.

“We are trying to keep alive Martin’s memory and recall the forge as a meeting place in the old days. Young people can see horseshoeing for the first time and the older people can reminisce about all the times they had seen it before,” said Liam who is anxiously to preserve memories.

An official opening by Liam Kelly’s parents is scheduled for August 11th with a blessing and exhibition and locals will be invited to come along and recall the memories and create a new slice of Bunclody tourism.

AUDIO ADDITION; Liam Kelly talks about Nolan’s Forge which is being renovated as a visitor centre in Bunclody.

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