Wexford author signs trilogy book deal

By Dan Walsh

To have one book published is an outstanding achievement, to be signed up for a trilogy is amazing, but that is the excitement that is unfolding in the literary life of Anne McLoughlin from Peppardscastle, near Kilmuckridge.

Speaking to WexfordLocal.com Anne McLoughlin made her announcement; “After many years working at the keyboard, I’ve made the breakthrough with a three-book deal with Poolbeg Press during Covid, and two books of my historical novels based on a fictional family tree, have already been released. It is known as The Lives Trilogy.

The first one Lives Apart, published last November, has had rave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and the second one was only released in May, so is only starting to get in the reviews and ratings.

“It has been a difficult time for authors during Covid, with the bookshops having been closed for so long, book festivals cancelled, no launches, no library readings, but it gave me a boost nonetheless to have got the contract,” Anne, who added; “With new authors like myself, Poolbeg are just releasing the books as eBooks and Paperback on Demand through Amazon and Book Depository to test the water. Many publishers have found that they have warehouses of books that they can’t shift due to the lockdowns and lack of promotional opportunities, but hopefully that will all change when we’re all vaccinated, and the country gets back to normal.”

Book one of the Lives Trilogy is Lives Apart as we already mentioned; book number two is Lives Without End, and the third publication expected next Spring will be called Lives Reunited.

Anne McLoughlin added; “I’ve done a few Zoom drop-ins to Book Clubs and they were great fun to do. Avid readers, all of whom had read the first book and were very much engaged. I even managed to do one with a book club in Alabama and another with the United Irish Cultural Centre of San Francisco.

Lives Apart looks at the experience of emigration, both for those who had the courage to venture across the Atlantic and those they left behind. One review said; “History sits gently and characters lead, with McLoughlin, sensitive to the human condition as she follows the lives of the McNamara family in Ireland and America.”

Lives Without End is an emotional tale of family secrets spanning three generations from the time of the Irish famine. Set in Ireland, in Clare and Wexford and in Boston, this second book in the ‘Lives’ trilogy focusses on the beautiful, but emotionally fragile, Bridie, a young bride, full of hope and courage, who, following a tragedy, emigrates from Ireland to build a new life in America. 

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