Sea, sand, sky and a fresh Rosslare wind

By Dan Walsh

A drop in the recent ‘heatwave’ conditions today brought pleasant relief to many people and was appreciated, however, it was very warm, especially, in areas sheltered from the moderate east to northeast winds, but fresher near the coast.

Passenger ferries meet in the shipping lane into Rosslare Europort while a hang gliding enthusiast soars above the beach to get a better view!

I visited Rosslare Harbour this evening where people were enjoying the walking trails and the ferries were busy with the StenaLine departing for Fishguard passing the Irish Ferries Blue Star 1 between Tuskar Rock and the harbour.

From the cliff on the walking trail some enthusiasts were launching their hang gliding craft and they informed me that the wind was 22 knots from the northeast. It was 19 degrees Celsius. The breeze posed a small bit of a challenge for the talented flyers and on one occasion safe landing was on the beautiful beach that was occupied by a small number, but it is all part of adventure and fun and appreciation of the summer beauty where the sea and the sky meet the land and nature merges for benefit of us all.

And the outlook for tomorrow! It’ll be a gorgeous day for the great outdoors, and we must all make the most of it.   

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