Swimming issues at Duncannon and Morriscastle

By Dan Walsh

Wexford County Council today (Thursday) erected Do Not Swim’ notice at Duncannon after routine testing conducted as part of the Council’s bathing water sampling programme showed breaches of the mandatory levels for E.coli at the above beach. Following consultation with the HSE, the Council has decided to issue Do Not Swim’ warning notice at the affected beach in the interest of public health and in accordance with the Bathing Water Quality Regulations.

In addition, an advisory notice in relation to swimming is in place at Morriscastle due to elevated levels of E-coli but within mandatory limits.

Technical staff from Wexford County Council are currently investigating the matter – while the exact source of contamination is not yet fully identified, the elevated levels of E. Coli may be partly attributable to recent spells of heavy rain.

Further water quality samples have been taken and results are expected on Saturday next, 14th August, at which stage the prohibition notices will be reviewed.

In the meantime, beach lifeguards at Duncannon Beaches will fly a red flag indicating swimming is prohibited signage to this effect will also be placed at the Beach. Members of the public are requested to abide by these restrictions until further notice.

Wexford County Council wishes to assure the public that water quality results for 16 other beaches sampled along the Wexford coastline have been excellent with no issues encountered.

More information on bathing water quality can be obtained on www.beaches.ie

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